Saturday, August 30, 2008

West Coast Fun!

We're out on the west coast this week. My bestie and I are planning some more shopping later. And our guys are working. That's just what our weekends are like. But at least they have a little down time. You know, like at dinner time.

For me, I really enjoyed the beach yesterday. It was beautiful! And in certain ways, I wish we could live out here. It's really beautiful! Even if our bfs don't like it. They're definitely "east coasters."

It's funny. My dad lives a few hours up the coast. As a kid, I was forced to visit him with my little brother. But we never got to come to CA. It's so beautiful! I would have traded all of my life to have come out here. But there is a lot of my childhood that I wish I could forget.

But on this trip, I'm just going to enjoy the sunshine, sand, and good friends. Isn't that half of the fun of traveling? I think so. :) XOXO

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crazy Ladies

This just might be my bestie's favorite book. Scratch that, I would say her 2nd favorite. I decided to take a shot at it. I'm not a big book reader. But hey, it can't hurt. Right?

It's actually pretty funny. And in ways, reminds me a lot of my own family. I was really close to my grandma. And my mom has always been way out there. So this book, it's providing so much entertainment for me. It's hilarious!

I guess this is my new schedule. Since T works from Tuesday-Sunday. It's a crazy schedule. And I'm not working. So it leaves a lot of down time to fill up. XOXO

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Middle of Nowhere

We're in the middle of nowhere TN. I'm not lying! And my bestie is off working out. Our bfs, they're working. What does that leave me to do? Go hungry! I don't know how to cook. And my bestie has this place stocked with all the yummy, cook from scratch, kind of food. Sucks for me...

Do people really know how to cook? Just wondering here. Because my mom never cooked when I was little. Actually, never cooked at all. We ate lots of "warm-up" type of food, or takeout. Fast food was our friend. Now, I have no skills in the kitchen. And my bestie is a great cook! What the hell? Maybe she can teach me something.

In the middle of nowhere. And we don't even have cereal. I wonder when these people are coming back. Or should I just venture out and see what's going on? I might find something to eat... XOXO

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're Home

We're home. And I don't quit remember much of the last 2 days. But Sunday was a lot of fun. The guys had a really busy weekend! I know my bestie and I are happy to be home too! It was a crazy weekend to be honest.

My bestie has been going through a lot. So it's nice to see how good her guy is. They have such a great relationship! Even if they're both busy. And it's complicated. And they live in 2 different time zones. But I do know they are very happy. And we all ended up on the lake yesterday. T and I, we slept until the late afternoon. But we still made it out to the fun. And lots of friends. And yummy food! It was a lot of fun.

T's at work right now. And I'm trying to figure out his house. More importantly, his washing machine. I have so much dirty clothes. And I need to finish unpacking my things. Because we're back on the road Thursday. How does my bestie do this? XOXO

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Starting Out

I'm in the middle of MI. My bestie is taking a nap. Our boyfriends are working. Yes, I said our boyfriends. How weird is that? We're dating best friends...

And I'm taking a cue from my bestie. I'm starting a blog. She's had one for years. It's more like a website. Where she chats with her friends. She posts daily blog post. She even has videos of her and her friends, traveling and performing all over the place! Tons of pictures. And once a week she does a chat with us. So much fun!

I would post a link, but it's by invite only. So that defeats the entire purpose. Maybe I can talk her into starting a public blog. Here on blogger.

As for me, I'm traveling all the time! Well, over the last few weeks. T has asked me to travel with him. And to move in with him. Is that crazy? We met on July 19. And it took him a few weeks to track me down. But he has. And we're dating.

I've never been so happy. Even if none of my friends, except my bestie, are talking to me. And I left work, school, everything. Isn't that would love and life are all about. Taking chances. I hope this turns out well. I really do love T. XOXO