Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Florida

We made it to Florida! I was pretty unsure of all of this. But in the end, I'm glad I came. I really needed to get away. And the office is going to be closed from Thursday until Tuesday. I'm only missing 1 day of work. I don't feel so bad.

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday. My bestie and I are going to fly back together. Back home. I know. It's crazy. But this is our life. And I have to make sure my baby girl is growing the way she is supposed to. I'm really excited!

The only thing that really almost ruined my day was running into T. He didn't expect me here. Until yesterday, I was still unsure if I was coming. T didn't even know I was considering coming. Being that we haven't talked in weeks. He was pretty pissed when he seen me. But I'm not sure why.

T brought his little girl and girlfriend down earlier this week. They've been having a family vacation. So I'm not sure why he's so pissed. But whatever. He's also trying to be "Daddy of the Year." I really hope that he is really being a good dad. And not just trying to put on some show for people. He's been posting pics of him and his daughter all week.

But I'm not going to let anything get to me. I'm here to enjoy myself. Even if Barracuda had to drag me here. I'm here. And I'm going to enjoy this. Especially the beach and my bestie! I better get my butt to bed. Because tomorrow, my bestie and I are going to do some shopping for my little girl. And we're going to the beach! XOXO

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aquarius Pendant

I'm really in love with this necklace! I found it one Etsy. It's a little pricey at $96, for just the pendant. But I really do like it. :)

If life weren't so complicated at the moment. Or if I wasn't pregnant. I'd probably buy this. But for now, I'm going to file back into my wish list. And hope that by the time I come up with some money, they still have it. XOXO

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm feeling a whole lot more pregnant recently. And I needed a little pick me up. So my bestie, being so amazing, treated me out to some pampering. Which lead me to OPI's Sweetheart. I'm in LOVE! This is such a pretty color. I ended up buying 3 bottles. I'm not sure what my thought process was behind that. But this color is gorgeous!

And because of my current situation, this will probably be my only Sweetheart for a long time. I don't mind. It's such a pretty color. And actually, it makes me think of the little girl I have growing inside my belly. :) XOXO

Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Monkey

Barracuda came by today. He was in a really good mood. I have a really good idea why. But it was nice to see him again. Almost weekly, he is coming over with dinner. I usually find him sitting on my porch, with some sort of takeout, when I get home from work.

Today he had a silly grin on his face. And a big pink bag next to our food. I was definitely curious. It was a monkey from Build a Bear!!!

It was so nice of Barracuda to do that. I keep telling him that he is so amazing. He's being more of a dad to my daughter, than her own dad. I still can't believe that he went to Build a Bear today. And made this monkey for my little girl. He included a special message and everything for her. She is a lucky little girl.

Right now, I have it in her crib. I just can't wait until my baby girl is in there. Sleeping away. Healthy and safe. XOXO

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Little White Church

This song reminds me so much of my bestie and her guy. I don't know why. Maybe because the 2 of them are in no way, shape or form, anxious about tying the knot. Their relationship, as is, works for them. And I think that's a great thing. And it's amazing how they stick to their guns.

But baby C and I might just love to go to a wedding. Maybe they're waiting on her to be born. Anyway that you look at it, I can't wait! One day, those 2 will get married. They were made for each other. Like no other 2 people that I've ever known. They're amazing! And I'm so happy to be in their lives. :) XOXO

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thanks C

My SIL C was in town. And she came to spend some time with me. Of course she went to visit T and her new niece. But C stayed here with me. And we had a good time.

I'd been having a tough couple of weeks. This visit was much needed! We spent lots of time together. We went shopping. And had lunch at all our favorite places. Loved it! C bought my little girl lots of fun things. Lots of clothes and toys. And she bought me some maternity things. W even got a new doggy bed for the nursery. :)

How sweet is she? I love her so much! I feel a lot closer to her than I do my step sisters. That says a lot. But I'm glad C and I got to spend some time together. It really helped my spirits! XOXO

Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Gap

I've been really busy at work. And just trying to keep busy. Oh, and dealing with this divorce. I've actually been pretty down. My clothes are feeling tighter too. Nothing is really going right.

I decided that I needed to do something to cheer up. So I went to Baby Gap. And I picked up a few things. I can't wait to dress up my little girl!

I got this cute onsie. I just love the giraffe. It was $13. On sale!

And this jumper thing. I really like the ruffles. And I think this would be nice for her. She is due in the Fall. I could buy some tights and a cute onesie or something. It was $29.50.

And these bootie/sock/shoe things. You get all 5 pairs for $16.50. I'm in love!

My little shopping adventure really lifted my mood. I'm so glad! Now I just have to help my baby girl grow big and strong! XOXO

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zola:Jungle Animals

I didn't mention this, but I ordered Baby C's bedding, right after I found out she was a girl. I debated between 2 sets. I had originally picked out 2 girl sets, and 2 boy sets. Automatically, it was narrowed down by 2. But those 2 were hard to decide between.

I really liked the one I got. So fun and happy. It's girly, but not over the top. And it's not all pink. I'm not a big fan of the all pink nurseries. The bedding that I got is something that Baby C can use until she is a "Big Girl." Hopefully 6 or 7. Maybe longer...

This Zola set was my second choice. And I really wanted it too. But you know how that goes. As a single mommy, I really have to be budget conscious. But Barracuda came over this week, with the entire set! Yes, he bought my Little Princess this set of fun animals! Now Baby C has 2 sets of bedding. And I just don't know which one I'm going to use first. But I LOVE them both!

Barracuda is amazing. And now, Baby C is going to have a really fun and cute room. I just need to get it together. Well, maybe my bestie can help me out. Because I don't know where to start. And she's really good at these things. But isn't this cute? XOXO

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lawyers and Divorce

Yesterday I went to see my lawyer. T still doesn't want to get divorced. Never mind that his daughter is days old. And he has moved in his daughter's mom into our house. There is still the other girlfriend too. What is going on with T? Is he having a mid life crisis about 10 years early?

I don't know. But the last thing I want to deal with is this divorce. And fighting with T. But I can't live like this. I need and deserve a better life. I want a better life for my daughter too. Off to the lawyer I went yesterday. I cried. I've been so emotional lately.

T wants me to have a paternity test. Why? He was the unfaithful one. And it makes me so mad! I just want a divorce. On what planet does he think I would stay married to him? He had another child with another woman. And is dating a 3rd. Craziness! What happened to the man I fell in love with and married? I don't recognize the man T has become.

But that is my life right now. At least I have W. Looks like I'll have him for a while. T doesn't seem interested in getting him back anytime soon. I'm happy about that. I need someone to love. And someone that loves me. At least W, our dog and 1st baby, can love me. I just need to stop crying over everything. People I cried watching Glee! XOXO

Saturday, June 5, 2010


We have been so lazy today! And by we, I mean W and me. It's Saturday. I didn't really have anything to do. Tomorrow I have no where to be. Other than church. So we've been lazy. Super lazy.

Last night W and I watched 3 movies. I had a good meal from the delivery service. W even got a special treat! Today I did some laundry. Then it was back to movies. I took a little break to water our tomato plants. And back to movies. I need to stop doing this!

But once in a while. You just need a lazy day. I'm glad I got the chance to be lazy this weekend. I feel like I really needed some down time. You know, just to clear my head. XOXO

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little Diva Tutu

It's been so gloomy and rainy around here lately. The entire next month is going to be horrible. Lots and lots of rain. It just makes me sad. So I decided to start looking for something things to buy my baby girl.

I found this tutu. I'm in love! It's $30. You get a tutu and a hair thing. I think that's a pretty good deal!

Now I just need to decide on a color. This picture just makes me melt every time I see it! I really can't wait to hold my little girl! I want to take tons of pictures of her dressed up like this. XOXO