Sunday, December 27, 2009

No One Needs to Know

Yes, this was one of my favorite songs. I think I was 12 when it came out. I remember being in middle school. And wanting so bad to play the guitar. Too bad my mom was too busy with my step-dad to notice.

But Shania, was and always will be, one of my favorite singers. Plain. Simple. Fact. Love her and her music! God, this song and video are amazing. It just sends me back to a time in life, when things were less complicated... XOXO

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. It's such a magical time of year. A time that's definitely made for friends and family.

I didn't have any plans for the holiday. But some friends invited me over. So I've decided to really enjoy the day. To have fun with the kiddos. And really Thank God for my life. I'm blessed with some amazing friends. And to me, that's the best Christmas present I could have. :) XOXO

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deceptively Delicious

I'm not much of a cook. Lots of people could back me up on that one. But T and I did get lots of good cookbooks, as wedding presents. And this one, it interested me. My bestie makes lots of these yummy things. And I'm interested in sneaking in veggies to lots of good food.

I've flagged a few recipes. And I'm determined to make a few this week. I'm off of work. And I have a lot of time on my hands. Besides, the brownies really do sound good. And who doesn't like a warm brownie, with iced cold milk, on a cold wintery night? XOXO

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Teen Mom

Am I the only one obsessed with this show? I don't know why I like it so much. I just do. all the moms are great in their own way. I just think some of their stories haven't been told. There is history missing from what we are seeing. But they are all doing a great job. All 4 of these girls were on 16 and Pregnant. It's amazing to see their daily lives. I really like this show! XOXO

Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!!!

Happy Birthday T!!!

Today is my hubby's birthday. And I know that the last few months haven't been the best. We've struggled. We've fought. We've separated. But through it all, one thing has never changed, just how much I love him. :)

I know with lots of hard work, we can be back to where we were. But just know that I love you with all of my heart. Know that there is still nothing in the world that I wouldn't do for you. I'm looking forward to tonight. And taking you out for a fun night. It's about time that we just hangout and just enjoy each other. And of course, to celebrate you and your birthday!

This is such a special day. It's a big day for my hubby. An important birthday. And just a special day to celebrate the man that I love. He's amazing. Completely amazing. And I love him so much! I hope I can make this a good birthday for him. XOXO

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Scarf Giveaway

I'm in LOVE with this scarf! I've looked everywhere for this scarf. Literally, everywhere. Then Trina posted about a giveaway. Ya, she's giving one of them away.

What a beautiful scarf. I'm going to enter the giveaway. I think you should too! You know you would love a beautiful grey and black scarf. But you need to hurry! XOXO

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Healthy Breakfast

Even with all that has been going on, I'm still trying to be healthy. It makes me feel better when I eat well and exercise.

This sounds like a pretty decent breakfast. And I'm going to try it out. Because at worst, I won't like it. At best, I'll be more healthy than I am right now. :) XOXO

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dreamsicle Cake

So good! That's what I thought when I seen the title to this video. And so I watched. And it honestly looks really good. I might just have to try this baby out!

We're in TX right now. And the weather is definitely warmer than back home. It made me think of Creamsicles. So yummy! But this cake would be delicious right now. Now if I could only figure out how to bake. But honestly...Dreamsicle Cake. It sounds like heaven to me. :) XOXO

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Bestie's Blog

Guess what? My bestie finally has a blog! Well, let me correct myself there. A public blog! Because she's had a private blog for like 10 years now!!!

Anyway, it's pretty cute. And I think you should go read it. Maybe even follow it. By the way, that's not her in the picture. But it's the picture she has posted on her blog. For all sorts of reasons, she is trying to stay anonymous. I guess that's what happens when you date someone famous. And are keeping it on the DL. :)

But I'm being serious here. Go look at her blog. I bet she is going to be a lot better at her blog, than I am at mine. I'm all over the place. But I can almost guarantee that she will blog regularly. Oh ya, and she's my bestie! XOXO

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Guess what I did today? I joined twitter. I'm not sure if I'm going to regret this or not, But I'm going to try it out. You can find me here if you want to follow me. :) Now I'm going to go explore that place a little. I'm still not sure what it's all about... XOXO

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Halloween is less than a month away. And I've desperately been slacking. I have to dress up for work. Yes, I'll be working. But I'm also on "Candy duty" for the team. So it should be fun.

Last night, I finally ordered my costume. This witch. What do you think? I'm a little nervous that the skirt part is going to be too tight. I've got some "lady curves." All I can do is cross my fingers. Oh, and try it on when I get it.

I like that this costume is more covered up. I've never been one to show a lot. I just don't have one of those bodies. Or maybe I'm lacking the confidence. Whatever. I like this costume. And it was under $30 with shipping! Including the hat and broom. :) XOXO

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Guy!

Sending out a very special birthday wish to my boss and dear friend..."The Guy."

I hope you have a great one! I know it's a big one, but no big deal right? You're not old. And my bestie loves you more than you'll ever know. But today is your day. Enjoy it! Have a great day. And don't do anything I wouldn't do. But do enjoy your big birthday cake. I know all the love that went into making it. Happy Birthday! XOXO

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 'n Night

Funny how this song makes me smile. Every time I hear it, I smile. A big smile! It makes me want to dance. And today at work, someone put on a radio really loud. With this song. No lie! A bunch of us, wanted to dance. And all of a sudden, the HR office became a club. PR people flooding in to dance. That folks, is a great day at work! I do think that our boss also enjoyed it. But probably more because his girlfriend had come in to bring him some lunch. And well, she left dancing! :) XOXO

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Goin' Through the Big D

This song always reminded me of my mom. My parents had already gotten divorced by the time this song came out. But this song, it always reminds me of my mom. I don't know why. It just does. Go figure that I'm in this situation. Isn't life just weird? XOXO

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chocolate-y Peanut Butter Bars Recipe

I know. It's early in the morning. But I watched this video. And now, all I can think about are these bars. Anything made with chocolate and peanut butter is just heaven! Guess what I'll be doing when I get home...

Yes, I'm going to be making these bars. They just sound yummy! And it doesn't look too hard to make. Ya, Betty makes everything look easy. But this looks like something I can honestly do. :) XOXO

Monday, September 14, 2009

Flank Steak

Yum! Flank steak sounds so yummy! T used to BBQ for us a lot. He's very good at the grill. And since I'm on my own, well I need to start figuring out these things for myself.

After watching this video, it doesn't seem so tough. But now, I'm so hungry. Looks like I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow. You know, on my way home from work. This is what's going to be for dinner. :) XOXO

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

American Girl

Weird how on this date, this is what's on my mind. Trisha Yearwood's song. One of my favorites growing up. Because I signed everything with X's and O's. And I wore ribbons in my hair. Not by choice, but because my mom forced me too.

But this song, it just reminds me of my life. And everything I've done. The roads I've traveled. Everything that I've done. It's that kind of song. My bestie and I used to sing it all the time! It's a good memory. Mostly. XOXO

Monday, August 24, 2009

What Hurts the Most

What hurts the most is not seeing T. Not falling asleep in his arms. Not talking through our problems. Not being together. I love him. More than I can ever explain. But we're just not working out. And it won't work out if we don't sit and talk about our problems. This could take a while. But I hope that we're able to work through all of our issues. Because I love this man more than I've ever loved anyone in my life. XOXO

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Year

It's been 1 year. We've been on this journey for one year. I can't believe it! Who would have thought that I would have stuck with it? But honestly, my bestie is such an inspiration to me. :)

The last few months have been so tough. I mean really, really tough. But you know what? I'm getting stronger. T and I, we really want to make it work out. And we trying with that. Oh, and I'm working.

So if you've been reading my blog, thank you. I'm glad you've stuck by me. I know, I'm random. And crazy. But it's nice to know that someone else out there wants to read along. XOXO

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This song always reminds me of my bestie. I remember when it first came out, she would sing it. And we'd dance to it. Yup, we'd wait until my mom would leave the house. Then we'd put MTV on. And just have a good time dancing.

For some reason, my bestie really liked to sing this song. And she loved to dance to it. Craziness. But that's what we'd do. Hangout, dance, sing, laugh, and be silly. Funny, how this song, of all songs, brings back such happy memories. XOXO

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Pink Dress

All I heard all weekend was, I had to see Jillian's dress. Um, who is Jillian? And what's so special about her dress...

3 of the ladies I work with, they about died! How did I not know who the bachelorette is? Um, I don't watch that show. I think it's dumb. But after hearing about her pink dress all weekend. And all day today, I had to take a look. Thank you google for finding me this picture.

And I have to say that it's a beautiful dress! Pink is not really my color. But I really like this dress. Don't ask me who she picked...I have no clue. I probably should pay more attention to some of the ladies around here. They are always on top of all the latest gossip. But this, ya, I have to admit it, it's a beautiful dress. XOXO

Friday, July 24, 2009

Double Fudge Peanut Butter Cookies

I'm still feeling down. I feel like I'm in the gutter. Just a piece of garbage. That's it. And I'm definitely not feeling like eating healthy. I saw this video. And now, all of a sudden I want to bake these cookies. Ugh! When I'm I going to feel human again?

Now I'm off to make a batch of cookies. And yes, I'm going to eat the entire batch. Maybe that will make me feel better. XOXO

Monday, July 20, 2009

Feeling Like Baking

I was going through some of our Wedding Presents. And I came across this baking set of pans. It makes me want to bake something. What? I don't know. But I'm still not feeling very well. And I'd love to get out of this funk. And baked goods usually help me feel better. Hmm, maybe I can make some boxed muffins. Or something easy like that. XOXO

Friday, July 17, 2009

Never Love You Enough

I know that T and I are going through a tough time right now. But I still love him so much. This song, it reminds me of him. And how much I love him. I just wish that he was here right now. So we could talk. But he's working. And I understand that. I just hope that we can make it past this. XOXO

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day to Night Makeup

Well, I'm still not feeling up to much. It's just been hard lately. In so many ways. But I'm trying my best to be better. You know, be a better person. A better wife. And I'm seeking some inspiration from YouTube. Weird, but true.

I like this video a lot. Because I'm not even close to being comfortable with makeup. I'm not sure why I find it so hard to deal with. But I do. And well, these videos help a lot!

I just love how easy Jazzie makes this look. If I can somehow figure out how to put on "Day" makeup, I might be able to try this. But it really does inspire me. Now, I just need somewhere to go. You know, so I can get ready. :) XOXO

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Parent Trap

The original Parent Trap is one of my favorite movies! I just LOVE it! And I definitely needed a "pick-me-up" today. So I searched around in my old VHS tapes, and hooked up the VCR. 1 bag of popcorn, 2 bags of M&Ms, and some soda rounded it all out. 2 hours later, I'm feeling a lot better. Movies like this, they just make you feel good. Even if it's only temporary. XOXO

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

General Hospital

This is my new midday past time. I'm watching General Hospital. It's my bestie's favorite TV show. She doesn't miss an episode. Well, she doesn't watch it during the week. But she catches up on the weekends. Yes, while her guy is working, she's watching GH. I'm sure she is cooking or something. But I just watch GH. Usually while having lunch. And now, I'm addicted. What else am I going to do with my time? XOXO

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Munsters

The Munsters were always one of my favorite shows to watch. I just thought they were so funny. I definitely need a "pick-me-up" today. Of all days. It's just been a tough day. So I've been watching some clips online. At least I've smiled a little today. XOXO

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good News

I got some really good news tonight. It was totally unexpected. But I'm so excited about it! Doesn't the saying go something like, "All good things in life, come as a surprise."

Well, I'm surprised. And so excited! You'll just have to come back later in the week to find out what it's all about. Until then, I'm going to head to bed. Sweet dreams! XOXO

Monday, June 1, 2009

This is the Life!

T and I are sitting on the beach. Enjoying the sun, sand, and the water. I feel like we could be on a desert island. It's just perfect out here! It feels like the only "real" communication should be done with a letter in a bottle. :)

We're just enjoying it all. Including each other's company. It feels like a "Mini Honeymoon." And I'm definitely loving it! A nice little trip, in the middle of all of our crazy traveling. I know T is really enjoying it. And so am I! I just love being married to this man! And being Mrs. M! XOXO

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dreaming of Sun and Sand

Well, we made it to sunny Florida! Tomorrow morning, I want nothing more than to lay out on the beach. I wonder if I can find a hammock. That would be nice.

T and I are here for just a couple of days. Literally, just a couple of days. T has to be back at work on the 2nd, and I'll be flying home then. But we thought we'd come spend a couple of days together and alone. :) XOXO

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

The weather around here has been pretty miserable. The mood around here has been pretty down too. Work for T and "The Guy" has been less than appealing. And believe me when I say this, this rain is not helping!

Today, they're working. And I hope things go well. If not, it could be T's job that's on the line. But something tells me, this rain is going to come and ruin the party. It's driving me nuts! You would think we are in the dead of winter. Big jackets and lots of layers have been on the list.

And the whole entertaining thing that my bestie is doing, that's going really well. But it's hard for them to perform outside when it's pouring! Literally it's raining "Cats and Dogs." And well, it just makes me want to stay at home in bed...

But we have a lot to do today. And work for T. So we better get up. Ya, T is refusing to wake up. At the moment, he's under the blankets. Asleep again. I've already tried to wake him up 4 times! But we need to get up and get ready for the day. I'm just praying the rain stays away. XOXO

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Southern Spoon Bread

We live in the south. Neither T or I are originally from here. He's from up north. I'm from the southwest. But this is where we live. And where we'll live during his entire career. And I'm more than OK with that. I moved here as a teen. I fought it then. But I love it now.

But one of the things about living in the south, everyone wants you to be able to cook. And cook the classic southern dishes. So I'm trying. Again, thanks to Betty, I found a good recipe for Southern Spoon Bread. Now, let's just see if I can make it. :) XOXO

Monday, May 18, 2009


Candles. I've never really been all into them. On occasion, I'd buy 1 at Wal-Mart. You know the ones. They have a cheesy smell. And I would put them in the bathroom. Something nice to liven up the room.

But I've never really been into them. Until my bestie came to our home. She was adding some little touches here and there. Putting up pictures, adding accessories, and...candles. Not a whole mess of them. She has a bunch of candles around her house. But they look amazing! Because she has them mixed in with all the other stuff in her house. On bookshelves, on table tops, in little nooks. It really looks amazing.

So when she started to put them around our house, I was getting a little nervous. But late last night, when we got home, T started to light them. And all these candles just made this beautiful light! Glowing. It was so beautiful. And there was no horrible smell. Just a light fragrance in the air.

I'm not sure where she got them. Or what kind of candle they are. But they really are amazing! I will definitely be lightening them more often. And just enjoying the magical light they give off. T really enjoyed them as well. I'm telling you, we experienced something completely new and different. Now I just need to know where my bestie got these amazing candles from. XOXO

Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Apple Red

We're home for the next 2 weeks. The guys are working not far from here. And my bestie is performing at her guy's club for the next 2 weeks. It's going to be just as busy as when we travel. And I'm actually putting in some time at "The Guy's" businesses. Ya, I'm going to be working.

But I'm really excited! Because I feel like this is going to be fun. And a nice change of pace. So my bestie and I got our nails done yesterday. Just a little treat in the middle of all of this chaos.

I really went out of the box. And I picked a red color. More specifically, OPI's Big Apple Red. And I'm in love with it! I don't think I've ever had my nails painted red. Ever! But it's beautiful and very classy. Now I'm going to have to go out and buy me a bottle of this nail polish. Yes, it's that yummy! XOXO

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sharing a Bit

I figured I'd share a few things about our home with you. To begin with, my hubby picked the paint color. It's a dark brown. And it reminds me of chocolate. Every time I walk into our bedroom, I get a sudden craving for chocolate. But it's beautiful!

We picked out the furniture together. Which was a task people! It took forever. I picked the style and he picked the finish. I couldn't find a picture of our furniture. And I still have no clue where our camera is. But the furniture has a "bit of a modern feel." At least that's how my bestie described it. But it's not really hard and harsh. It has some feminine touches too. So my hubby chose a black finish. And I have to say, it looks really nice.

So that left me with the decision about the bedding. I didn't want anything too girly. Or too manly. But I knew it had to be dark. I've learned that much about living with a man. I've always had blue and white bedding. But this time around, I was looking for something darker.

The picture above is what I chose. It looks kinda grey in the picture. But really, it's a blue color. And we also bought some dark brown pillows. It looks really nice. The blueish grey bedding and curtains, against the dark brown walls is so pretty! Especially with the black furniture. I'm really loving it! It's the perfect mix of feminine and masculine. XOXO

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! And to the women who are like moms. Women like my grandma. That make us feel loved, cared for, and safe. I miss my grandma so much. And just wish that I could spend today with her. To show her just how much I love her. Just to give her a big hug and say I love you.

I guess it really touched home, for me, last night. My hubby was working. And so many of the guys had their moms around. It's a tradition for them to do it. And they were all enjoying themselves. Giving their moms special gifts. Enjoying time with them. It was so special.

And all I could think of, was not having my grandma. I think I've come to terms with my mom. She has never really wanted to be my mom. And my mother-in-law, I've never met her. Which is really unfortunate. But my grandma, she is so special to me. I just wish that I could have a few minutes with her.

But I did want to wish all the women out there a very special day! Happy Mother's Day! And Thank You so much for being so amazing. Your love has deeply touched another human being. XOXO

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank You Notes

Is it bad, that I just dropped off all of our "Thank You" cards, at the post office? I feel bad! It's been over 2 months since we got married. And almost 3 months since the girls had that girly day/party for me in CA.

But life has been a bit crazy. I hope our friends know how much we appreciate what they've done for us. And that we really are enjoying our gifts. It just took a while to get all those cards written out. I really wanted to Thank everyone individually. To send them a special note and a picture of T and I.

Did I take too long? I hope not. But a wedding, T's work schedule, our little trips, and moving...well I think I did a good job of getting them out this quick. Because honestly, we still haven't unpacked lots of our gifts. Heck, lots of our stuff is still in I need to go pack for this weekend. XOXO

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whatta Man

I was like 9 when this song came out. My bestie would sing it all the time! And I thought she was so cool. When we got older and she had a boyfriend, she would joke around with him. She would sing part of the lyrics to him. Totally embarrass him. But every time they heard this song, they'd dance to it. Enzo used to laugh about it. And he thought she was hilarious. They were such a cute couple!

Me? I always wanted to find a man that would fit this song. I wanted a good man. A good man that loved me. A good family man. But a man. You know, that would take care of me. In every way. Someone that would tell me that he loved me. That would take the time to get to know me. Well, T is that man and so much more!

We were just hanging out the other night. And looking up old music on YouTube. I found this song, and it perfectly fits my hubby! T is everything I could have dreamt up. Yup!

I've finally got my mighty good man. And I'm loving every second of him! We are so in love. In every way, your typical Newlyweds. We're loving all of that too! This might just become my man's new song. :) XOXO

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bubble and Brown...and Happy Cinco de Mayo

We got these for a wedding present. They're the Rachael Ray "Bubble and Brown" set. I wasn't sure what I was going to use them for. But like I said before, we finally getting settled in our new house. And things are finding a home. Which means, I'm trying all sorts of new things out.

So I decided to try my hand at enchiladas today. I called my bestie and she gave me a list of food to buy. Then she walked me through the process. I LOVE her so much! She is so patient and helpful. :)

By the time T got home, I had the enchilada casserole in the oven. I even made some rice. T made us some guacamole. And we had dinner. It was so good! And this "Bubble and Brown" was so good to bake our dinner in! It made everything so crunchy and yummy. I'm definitely going to be using this a lot more. Because it was so easy to use, made our food dinner, and was super easy to clean up!

If you don't have one of these, I think you should go out and buy one. Because they are incredible! And you can fit so much food in them! It's a bit ridiculous. But you could easily make a big casserole and invite 8-10 people over. :) This is a great piece! Oh, and Happy Cinco de Mayo! That was my inspiration for dinner tonight. :) XOXO

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Style Watch

This magazine has been sitting at the bottom of my bag. The bag I bring with me when we travel. I finally dug it out. And this is the best magazine! I really like buying it. And I usually read through it right away. I'm not sure why I haven't done it yet. But I did this morning.

While T is working, I decided to catch up on my reading. :) There are so many cute ideas that I got. And now, more than ever, I'm ready to go shopping for a bikini. Well, I still need to tone and eat right. But I'm ready. I also marked some other pictures. I'll be looking for similar items the next time I go shopping. XOXO

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Frog Squats

Look at what I've been up to. These are really good exercises. And you can do them wherever. You know, I travel a lot with my hubby. So this are something that's easy. They don't require any kind of equipment. They might look strange. My hubby laughs when I'm doing them. But they really do work. And work well. I can tell the difference already. And I've only been doing "Frog Squats" for about 2 weeks. XOXO

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Day with C

Today, I got to spend the day with my sister-in-law C. She was just here for the day. And my hubby had to work. But I wanted C to have a good time.

We started the day with some breakfast. At one of my favorite restaurants. Definitely not something in my diet. But it was yummy! And we went shopping at my friend's store. Which is always fun. Because her store is so girly. And she is super sweet.

It was nice to get to buy C some stuff. And to spoil her a bit. You know, part of the really good part of our lives, is sharing it with the people we love. T has a really good job. And we're able to spoil people. Like C. She was so excited about getting some new clothes. And I had so much fun watching her pick out and try on everything.

We ended up going to the city for lunch. And going to a new restaurant. It was a bit different. But still good. And we ended up laughing and talking the whole time! Then we went to the mall. Where we shopped all afternoon. Until T met us for dinner.

It was a nice long dinner. We sat for about 2 hours talking. C was telling me all about life with her and T growing up. So many great stories! And lots of laughter. C had to leave around 8pm to catch her flight. But we really had a great time. And I really enjoyed it. I hope that this is just the beginning to a wonderful relationship with C. XOXO

Monday, April 27, 2009

Compromise and Brownies

So I'm no big cook or baker. But even I can manage to make some brownies from time to time. Mostly because T and I really like them. And I can buy the mix and you only add oil and nuts! Easy peasy!

But both T and I only like the edge pieces. They're more crispy. Just taste better. Yes, the edge pieces just taste better! And we generally don't eat the middle. I know that's ridiculous. But we have enough friends that come around here. So they usually eat the middle part. And in a pinch, well the gooey brownies are good with vanilla ice cream and some chocolate sauce. :)

And after finally unpacking some more of our wedding presents, I found this little beauty! She makes all the brownies with crispy edges. Yummy! Now T and I don't have to fight over the edge brownies. We can eat the entire pan! I'm not sure if that's good or bad. But I made brownies tonight. And they were so yummy! Thanks to our amazing friends who gave us this perfect brownie pan. It's literally changed our lives! XOXO

Friday, April 24, 2009

Where Can I Buy This?

I was doing a search on google for something. I don't even now what. And this picture popped up! I'm in love with this mirror and those vases! I've already found the vases online. But I can't find this mirror anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find it? I have the perfect place in our house for it too! XOXO

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Artichoke-Spinach Dip

Are you serious? Betty is definitely a genius! I LOVE artichoke-spinach dip. It's my favorite! And the sole reason I drag T to Applebee's a few times a month. But this looks super-duper easy to make. Yum! Now I need to go grocery shopping. :) XOXO

Monday, April 20, 2009

Searching for Mirrors

I don't think I've mentioned it, but T and I moved into our house. The big house. And for a few weeks, it was really kinda of funny. We just moved our clothes and personal items. We had a bedroom set. And that was it. But we travel all the time, so it wasn't that bad. Because we're gone at least 4 days a week!

But my bestie came to our rescue. And she's been helping me get T and I's house in order. She took me shopping for furniture one day. T didn't really care what we bought or how much I spent. He just wanted some comfy furniture. It took us about 2 weeks to order and buy all our furniture. But it was so nice when things started arriving.

We've gotten to the point of actually decorating the house. You know, when the house becomes more of a home. And this is the fun stuff. I send links to my bestie. And she just kind of makes all these great decisions. Everything that she brings is so T and me!

But there are things that she wants us to do. Like pick more of our style. Then she can narrow down the decisions for us. This leads us to mirrors. They're important. At least that's what she tells me. So here we go...

Do we want to go more traditional? You know, with a clean look...clean lines and expected colors. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

Or more funky? Fun shapes, colors and styles. I'm thinking more funky. But maybe a funky design in a more neutral color.

What do you think? We have furniture that has clean lines. But everything that we've added to the house is fun and funky. It makes the rooms feel comfortable. Like all the over sized pillow and blankets in the den. And the fun vases and stuff on the bookshelves. XOXO

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kandee's Favorite Eyeshadows

Kandee is one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube. And I just love these types of videos. They give me all sorts of shopping ideas. Hmm, I may or may not have added a crap load off things to my shopping list. Now if I can just get to the store. :) XOXO

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Crock Pot Turkey

I never thought of this before. A crock pot? I thought that was only for grandmas. Or keeping nacho cheese warm. But I might just have to crack mine out of the box. Yes, lots of our wedding presents are still in the boxes. I'm a little embarrassed to admit. But it's true. :)

But turkey in the crock pot. Betty is like a genius! She should have a blog too! So I could read about her recipes. But I really enjoy her videos. I just might have to try this one out. I'm feeling a little domestic here. Married life is wonderful! XOXO

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I'm really excited about today. T and I are going to cook us a little dinner. And later, we're going to meet some friends. To help them hide eggs for the little ones. Should be a fun day. And it's definitely been nice to have a Sunday off. It doesn't happen most. But I definitely enjoyed sleeping in today! Hope everyone has a great day with their family and friends. :) XOXO

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dangly Earrings

I'm going to try and take a style nod from my bestie. She is always wearing long and dangly earrings. They look so fun! And to be 100% honest, I know that she buys most of them from Claire's and Forever 21. That's just how she rolls!

But she always looks cute in her earrings. They're fun and usually colorful. Or she wears them for her job as a mariachi. Those ones are usually silver or gold. And a lot more heavy than the ones she wears everyday.

The other day, I tried on a pair of her earrings. And with my short hair, I think they looked nice on me. Now, I need to go shopping. Just to buy a few pairs. Not hoops. Definitely not hoops! Because those look funny. But I'm thinking a few pairs of dangly, beaded earrings would be nice for the summer. :) XOXO

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Totally Craving These!

These bad boys look amazing! I dreamt about them last night. And thought about them all morning. I'm trying to resist them. But I'm afraid that very soon, I'm going to cave. It's a good thing we don't have any here at home. And that it eat a few of these gooey cookies, I'd actually have to go to the store... XOXO

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Walk Away the Pounds

While we're on the road, this is one of my favorite workout DVDs to do. I just like the routines. And walking, well who can't walk? It's simple. And hotel friendly. Because something like Slim in 6, I just can't imagine trying to workout to that in a hotel room. I'm not getting on those floors. And imagine the noise you'd make. No, this is the DVD to take on the road. And it's a quick workout. :) XOXO

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Homemade Chicken Soup

I know. It's hard to believe I'd try cooking again. And chicken. Especially this close to our near brush with death! But I really wanted some homemade soup. No, I'm not joking. This is not an April Fool's Day joke. I just wanted some soup.

I found this recipe. And it looked both easy and quick. Oh, and how can you really screw up soup? So I went to the grocery store this morning. And I bought everything I needed to make this soup. I also watched this video like 5 times!

And I came home and put everything together. It smells good. And there is plenty of time for it to cook. I mean completely cook! So let's all cross our fingers. And hope that it comes out yummy. It also looks pretty healthy! XOXO

Monday, March 30, 2009

Marriage and Cooking

I don't think I ever told you. But when we went to CA, my bestie planned a fun "Ladies' Night Out" for all of us. Nothing crazy. Just dinner, and lots of hanging out. We had our nails done. And got amazing massages. It was like a combo Bridal Shower and Bachelorette party. We had so much fun!

And she got me some fun presents. I got a big basket with a bunch of kitchen stuff. She made me some aprons, kitchen towels, and scrubbies. But she also loaded it with lots of yummy things. Like kitchen tools and these cookbooks...

Now that life is a little more "normal." And I'm going to attempt a yummy dinner for my hubs tonight. What am I going to cook? I have no idea. but I'm going to start looking through these books for a good recipe. Oh, and I still need to go grocery shopping... XOXO

Saturday, March 28, 2009


So after T and I almost killed ourselves, with this recipe, we were really down. Not feeling good. And just miserable! But our friends came to the rescue! They're really amazing.

My bestie made us some yummy veggie soup and sandwiches. She got us all kinds of medicine to help us. And she just took care of us. Her guy, he helped her too. We must have been a sight! T and I had the worst fevers and couldn't keep much down. But our friends were there for us.

And now, both T and I feel a whole lot better! We're still sticking to soup, sandwiches, and 7UP. But I know we're going to be better in no time. Oh, and "The Guy" went out and bought us a meat thermometer. He doesn't want us to kill ourselves, by eating raw meat.

Lessons learned I guess. I swear that the chicken was cooked all the way. In fact, T checked it. And it didn't taste, look, smell, of feel weird. But who knows what happened. All that I know is, I'm just happy to be feeling human again. Maybe by Sunday I'll want a hotdog or 2. :) XOXO

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cooking Problems

I'm pretty sure I didn't do something right last night. I tried to cook this. And well, I don't know what happened. But around midnight, T and I thought we were going to die! Yes, we did. Turns out, we had food poisoning. How do I know? We ended up at the doctor's office early this morning.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the 2 of us cooked together. Yes, T helped me. He's more experienced in the kitchen. I just don't know what happened. I know it wasn't the rice or other veggies we made. Or the dessert... that was store bought.

I'm thinking that maybe the chicken wasn't all the way cooked. But I honestly don't know. All I do know is, we got sick. Ridiculously sick! So did W. And we have to travel today. Am I serious? Yes! T has to go to work. I just hope we're feeling better really soon! XOXO

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Broccoli Stuffed Chicken Breast

This looks so yummy! I think I'm going to try and make it for dinner tonight. There's just something yummy about stuffed chicken. I just didn't know how to make it. And it looks pretty healthy. Yum! I can't wait. But I better get going. We don't have a thing to make it in our house! XOXO

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scary Stories...

Do you remember these books? When I was in elementary school, we all wanted to check them out of the library. But there were only 3. And there were a bunch of us! I think I might have gotten to check them out once. And then I had to hide them from my parents. Crazy how that works!

Well, I seen one of these books today. I was doing some grocery shopping. Funny how this was there. And it brought back so many good memories. So I just had to buy it. After lunch, I sat down and read half of it! :) XOXO

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Bestie!!!

Today is my bestie's 26th birthday! Happy Birthday girly!!! She is so incredibly important to me. For a few years there, we sorta lost touch of each other. But we're back on track. And I love her so much!

I just hope this year brings good health to her. She's been battling the "Big C." And it's been a tough road. I also hope this year is filled with all the happiness in the world. Her "Guy" loves her so much. And I know that she loves him.

Today, I just want for my bestie to have the best day ever! To be so happy. And to have all of her dreams come true. Love you girl! Happy Birthday! XOXO

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fettuccine Alfredo

I'm a HUGE fan of Fettuccine Alfredo. And now that I'm married, I need to learn how to cook. You know, my hubby and I aren't the best cooks. So I went searching on YouTube. And I found Betty. And all of her amazing recipes. I'm definitely going to try this one. Maybe even tonight. It looks so yummy! XOXO

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beach Sunsets

Nothing is more beautiful than a tropical sunset. We're actually getting ready to go have our dinner on the beach. And enjoy just one more sunset on the beach. I can't wait. It's so magical! There's something about the way the colors play off of the water. XOXO

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Kiss

I'm so blissfully happy! T and I are enjoying ourselves so much! And I've honestly never been so in love. Life is absolutely amazing right now. :) And this song, it sums it all up. Just the way T loves me. His kiss, it just makes my entire day. One kiss from him, makes chills go all the way down my spine. And makes my toes curl. He's that amazing! XOXO

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Must...

This chapstick is a must for any trip! Especially a mini honeymoon, or romantic weekend. I'm glad my bestie gave me a few tubes. We've definitely been using this stuff. And it's left both of our lips so soft! And protected from all the sun out here. :) XOXO

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mini Honeymoon

Well, we're almost to our "Mini Honeymoon" destination. Because of T's schedule, we're not going on our honeymoon until July. But we have a little bit of downtime this week. So we decided to take a mini vacation to a sandy beach!

In a few hours, you might just find us laying out on the sand. Oh, I can't wait! If not, well, we are on our "Mini Honeymoon." So who knows where we'll be. But I'll try to keep in touch. XOXO

Saturday, March 7, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering...

I was thinking, well I hadn't really told you how my healthy changes and weight loss were going. Obviously, I made this decision before we got engaged and married. But after T and I were engaged, and had set our wedding date, I was glad that I had been eating better. And working out. :) I really wanted to look my best for our wedding.

Since Jan. 1st, I've lost 35 lbs. I know, that's crazy! But we really weren't eating right before. And probably enjoying going out and having drinks too often too. Oh, and I was lazy as sin! I really had never exercised a day in my life!

So I cut out all sodas, alcohol, and most sweets. And I made it a point to exercise every day! I mean every day! I mostly did these workout tapes that my bestie gave me. And I started running at least 2 miles on the treadmill. I'd do that 4 days a week. And at least twice a week, I would go running with my bestie.

Obviously, since our wedding, well things are a bit different. We really enjoyed all the food at our wedding. And afterward, on our trip. I haven't worked out since the day before our wedding. Well, actual exercise. But I have been doing other things. And this morning when I got on the scale, I had actually lost another 2 lbs.

I think that's funny. Because I haven't been trying this week. Like I said, I haven't done a single workout DVD. I haven't gone running. I've eaten all kinds of food. And we did drink a little on our trip.

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be a little bit more "normal" now that the wedding is behind us. I'm going to try and cook a little more. And include some healthy food into our diets. But I'm not going to completely cut out sweets and alcohol anymore. I'm also going to come up with a more doable workout schedule. XOXO

Friday, March 6, 2009

Back to Work

My hubby is back to work. And obviously, we're back from our mini honeymoon. Which was a blast! We had such a great time. Just my hubby and me. Enjoying each other. Learning more about each other. And loving each other. This is really a magical time in my life. :)

But we're also back on track with his work. And our traveling. It's not too bad. In fact, my bestie and I just finished lunch together. It was amazing! And I'm so glad that we get to travel together. It was so nice to catch up with her while our guys were working. Just sharing with her all of my happiness. That was the best!

Now my bestie is off to go do some work. And I'm thinking about taking a nap. Have I mentioned? I haven't had much sleep lately. So maybe a good nap before T gets back is a good idea. :) XOXO

Monday, March 2, 2009

With My Love

Don't mind us, we're spending a few days in the sun. T has to be back to work on Thursday. So we're enjoying a mini trip/honeymoon. So exciting to know that I'm now his wife! And that he's my hubby. Well, if you don't mind, I'm going to go enjoy the beautiful beach. And my hubby! :) XOXO

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We're Married!!!

Yes, it's true! Last night, T and I officially became Mr. and Mrs. M!!! It was such a magical night. Everything was perfect. And now, I get to spend the rest of my life with the man I love!

The guys were running a little late last night. But they called ahead of time to let us know. So no big deal. I don't think I ever mentioned this. But they had to work yesterday. And today. But last night was truly the best wedding date, that we could come up with, until the summer. But in the end, it all worked out perfectly!

T and I had a beautiful ceremony. It was amazing. My bestie arranged for the Chapel to be decorated so nice. With gorgeous flowers. And lots of candles. It was everything I could have ever asked for! T looked so handsome. He had on his tux. And honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a more handsome man! I cried the entire time I walked down the aisle. :) My hubby also cried. And W, he looked cute in his little dog tuxedo. :) Yes, our dog was in our wedding!

With a little bit of creativity, we were able to get "The Guy" into and out of the Chapel undetected. Because that might have been a bit of trouble for all of us. The wedding party took some gorgeous pictures in front of the fountains. Very quickly! And we all went to the reception.

It was beautiful! Perfect. Like a fairytale. Just knowing that my hubby and I are going to be married and together forever, that was all I needed. But this reception was amazing! The food was so good. I swear, I've never eaten food that was so yummy! Our cake was amazing too! And yes, we couldn't resist it! We smashed cake into each other's faces. I swear, I still have icing in my ear. :) But it was so much fun. Sometime last week, we had agreed to not make a mess. But I just couldn't resist. And my hubby thought it was so much fun too!

The music was so good too! What good entertainment we got! I loved dancing to our song. And I'm pretty sure T enjoyed it too! We all danced well into the night! I forgot all about the fact that my wedding dress arrived just hours before our wedding. That our families weren't there with us. And that my hubby would be working today. I was just living in the moment!

I also got to meet C. My new sister-in-law. She is amazing! And oh so sweet! I hope that we get the opportunity to become best friends. Because she is so special. T cried when he saw his sister. And they hugged for such a long time. I'm so glad that she was able to come to our wedding. :)

Everything was so perfect! The reception was just as beautiful as our ceremony. So many beautiful flowers and candles. I felt like I was in a fairytale! But honestly, it would have been just as perfect at a court house with a justice of the peace. Just was long as I had T with me. :) All of our friends enjoyed themselves so much! And we definitely celebrated until the early hours of the morning. Then, well us Newlyweds headed to our "Honeymoon Suite" to enjoy a little bit of married life!

T had to leave a little while ago. To go to work. But we enjoyed breakfast in bed together. And although he has to work, we have a lifetime to share with one another. Tonight, we're headed off to a few days in the tropics! We'll do some more celebrating then. But right now, this new wife needs to get up and get ready. I'm going to go hangout with my hubby! XOXO

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Going to the Chapel of Love

Today is the day! I still can't believe it. Tonight, I become Mrs. M. T's wifey. And he'll be my hubby! :)

I'm so excited! I owe so much of this to my bestie and her guy. They've done so much to help me and T get our wedding planned. And yes, our guys are working today. But tonight, T and I say our "I Dos!"

It's not a big event. Just friends. T's sister C. And lots of co-workers/friends. Unfortunately, neither of our families will be here. But we're not going to let that get us down. This is our day. And I can't wait to be married to my love. I can see the 2 of us growing old together. What a great life we have ahead of us!

Now I should probably start getting ready for the big day. I never realized how much went into getting ready for a walk down the aisle. :) XOXO

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Families

We're now days away from becoming Mr. and Mrs. M! I've never been more excited or sure of anything in my life. Ever!

But there is still some sadness in my heart. Mostly because our families are not going to be at our wedding. Isn't that what weddings are all about? Celebrating with your family and friends. We have so many friends that our taking time out, to come see us get married. So many people making the trip. But not our families...

I don't know much of T's background with his family. Just that they're not close. And they don't think he should be getting married. I've never met any of them. And they're refusing to come to the wedding. It's sad.

With one exception. His sister, C. She will be coming to our wedding. I wish I would have known sooner. I would have LOVED for her to be in our wedding. But it was a last minute decision. And to be honest, I'm just excited that T will have someone there. :)

As for my family. Well, to make it a short story, it's dysfunctional. My dad left when I was little. My parents' marriage was never good. And 1 day, they just got divorced. Now that I think about it, it was probably the best thing they could have done for my little brother and me. But our dad, he was never really a dad. I never got along with him. And out of his 3 kids, well he was a dad to none of us.

My mom, she's just bitter. She blames the whole wreck of her life on me. Because she got pregnant with me and felt the need, to have to marry my dad. Her life was apparently never the same. And she blames me for it. As soon as I turned 18, she wanted me out of the house. That's how much she hates me. There has never been anything I could do to change her mind. No matter how much I love her.

And when she found out that T and I were dating, and later engaged, that was it. She completely wrote me off. And threatened the entire family. Because she pretty much rules the family, they all listen to her. And that means I haven't talked to my little brother and my grandma in months! My little brother and grandma would be the only 2 people from my family, that I'd really want at my wedding. But I have no way to contact them.

It really is a sad situation. But there's nothing that I can really do to change it. It's completely out of my hands. But on my wedding day, I'm going to feel a sense of sadness, just because these 2 people that I love so much, can't be there. I know, they are always in my heart. But it would be nice to share this very important day with all of them. And I would like nothing more than for T to meet them. XOXO

Sunday, February 22, 2009

From this Moment

From this moment...that's the way I feel about T. I LOVE him so much! We've been trying to decide on a "Wedding Song." And we just hadn't been able to come up with one. Until we heard "From this Moment."

The other night when we were going home, we were searching for some good music. And the radio landed on a country station. This song was playing. And it made me cry. I knew right then, this was went to be our song.

The words are perfect. Everything I feel about T, is said in this song. The passion and emotion, it's all perfect. I never believed in love before I met T. I never thought I'd get married. But God made T for me. He knew I needed a man to love. A man who would love me. God answers all kinds of prayers. Even the ones that we don't pray for.

With all the stress of our wedding, this song just swept it all away. Because the only important part of our wedding day, and the moment when we become man and wife, is having T love me. I'm blessed. T is the love of my life. And I love him so much. There is not a single thing in the world, that I wouldn't do for him.

T is the very 1st person I have ever completely trusted. He has my heart in his hands. And everything good in my life, he has done for me. I've never loved anyone more than I love him. And I can't wait until we get to dance to this song, as man and wife. XOXO

Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Step Closer

We're one step closer to this...being man and wife! And now, I'm really starting to get excited. Forget about how stressed out I was. My friends have really come to my rescue! I have a wedding dress. And my bestie has a "Maid of Honor" dress. All because of our amazing friends. Oh, and my bestie's boyfriend (aka The Guy.)

We went and ordered them at a very expensive designer's shop. She is working feverishly on both dresses. And they should be ready on time. I really do hope so. In 9 days, I'll be married!

My bestie has also been working hard on our reception. She knows the owners of where we're having our reception. And they are doing such a great job with everything. My only request was yummy food, and some pretty flowers. But after seeing everything that my bestie has already done, it's going to be magical.

All the flowers are ordered. The food decisions have been made. A delicious cake is being made. Dresses are being made as we speak. The guys have their suits. We booked the Chapel. And T and I even managed to buy each other's rings. Yes, my bestie is holding onto T's for me. :)

So I'm not so stressed anymore. I've never been the type that dreamt about a "Fairytale" wedding. I never wanted my dad to walk me down the aisle. In fact, I never thought I'd be getting married. It's crazy, how when you meet the right man, everything just changes. And the only really important part of this wedding, is marrying my love, T. XOXO

Monday, February 16, 2009

No Wedding Dress

Did I know when we picked our wedding date that this month was going to be hard? Yes. T is working almost nonstop. I have no real clue about anything wedding related. I've never planned anything. And well, I'm beyond overwhelmed!

12 days from now, I will be getting married. I have no dress. I haven't picked out a dress for my bestie. I've been to the beautiful dress shops in the area. We even flew to NYC. Nothing!

I know we're getting married in Vegas. And it's going to be small. But seriously, I want a nice dress. Not a huge ballgown. But a nice dress.

The guys are working in CA this week. So my bestie, some other friends, and I are heading out early. Because I need to find my dress. Fingers crossed that I won't be walking down the aisle naked. XOXO

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day T!!!

I just wanted to wish T a very Happy Valentine's Day! He really is the love of my life. And in a few short weeks, he's going to be my hubby. :)

T makes my world a complete place. and I love him so very much! My day is not complete without a hug and kiss from him. T you make me smile by just being you. I promise that for the rest of our lives, I will try and make you just as happy!

Now, I'm off to figure out a yummy surprise meal for T. This should be fun and interesting! But I just want to spoil him today. Just to show him how much I love him. :) XOXO

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cherry Crunch Dessert

I know. I'm supposed to be planning my wedding. That's in 17 days! But I was looking for something to make T for Valentine's Day. Because I'm out of ideas. But Betty has saved the day! Doesn't this dessert look yummy? And since T is working on V-day, I wanted to make it a little more special for him. I'm going to try this out. First, I'm going to try and make it with my bestie. Then, I'm making it for my love. I'm hoping for the best. :) XOXO

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Resistance Bands

Now that I'm 20 days away from my wedding, I've really been working out more. Trying to lose some more weight. And I had been talking to a friend about trying to lose some weight.

She mentioned Resistance Bands. Especially to workout my legs. I hope they help my thighs a bit. I've been losing weight. So far, I've lost 16 lbs since New Year's Day. But my legs are still a bit of a problem. I hope these work. My friend, she gave me hers to use. Today I'm going to try them out. XOXO

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Really Want Some...

I just want to curl up with a big mug of hot cocoa. Too bad I'm trying to be healthy. And I need to stay on this diet. Because some hot cocoa would be really nice right now. I can already taste that chocolatey goodness. I better just bundle up and go for my run. Or I may be regretting this in a few hours... XOXO