Saturday, January 10, 2009

Missing My Grandma

I know. It must sound very childish. But I miss my grandma. I haven't seen her since the summer. Before T and I started dating. Before I moved.

Since then, my mom has gotten really nasty. And she won't let me see my grandma. My grandma and I talked 1 day on the phone. Then my mom took away her phone. How horrible is that? I tell you, my mom has a lot of issues that she needs to work out.

But I miss my grandma. We were always so close. And I wish that I could share this part of my life with her. I wish that I could introduce her to T. He is so amazing. And I know that they would get along so well. :)

There's not much I can do. Except keep her in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that I get the chance to see or even just speak with her really soon. Because I really miss my grandma. She was really like a mom to me and my brother, when we were growing up. She will always have a special place in my heart. XOXO