Sunday, January 25, 2009

No Scrubs

I went to go visit my bestie today. And when I got there, she was working out. A really tough workout. Lots of weights and cardio. The kind of workout that would make me cry. And what is she doing? Singing "No Scrubs."

Apparently, that's part of her singing exercises or whatever. But this song? Of all songs. Made me laugh. Because she really liked TLC when we were little. And she was always singing and dancing to their music. Oh, and the group has an inside meaning, with our current group of friends...

But it was hilarious. She was really into it. The music was blasting and she was just working out. Her Guy was watching her. And she didn't notice him. He had that crook'd smile of his plastered across his face. And she was just working her little rear end off! That's my bestie. XOXO