Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Home

I don't think I ever mentioned it on here, but T and I moved back in November. When we started to date, he lived in a townhouse. And it was really nice. His buddy owns it. And because he works for his buddy, he just let him live there. That was in August.

When I moved in, T wanted something more for us. So he bought a house. Nothing too fancy or crazy. Just a nice house. Much nicer than anywhere I've ever lived. And we moved. It was crazy and chaotic. And had to be done quickly. Since we're on the road more than half of the week.

I also earned that T was having a house built. All of the house plans were already made, and most of the house was built. Like all the walls were up. It looked like a house from the outside. But from the inside, it was definitely a work in progress. They said it would take at least 4 months to finish. But it might be closer to 6 months if the weather didn't cooperate.

So why did T buy the house we are living in now? Because he wanted a place for us. He wanted more room. And more privacy. To me, it never really mattered. I mean, when I lived at home, before I was 18, it was my mom, step-dad, my step-sister, my 2 step-brothers, my little brother, my grandma, and me. And our house was not that big!

Then when I moved out, I lived with 5 girls. In a 3 bedroom apartment. Yes, there were 6 of us! And only 1 1/2 baths. It was nuts! But I really liked living with my friends. So you can see, I've never been one to live in big houses. Or to live in a fancy place. So I thought it was weird that T was buying a house for us to live in for 4-6 months.

But that's what he did. And we moved. But since then, we've been working on our house. Yes, I said our house. Because T wants the new, big house, to be in both of our names. Crazy! I never even owned a new car before I met him. Can you tell how low key I am?

When we started to date, T wanted my opinions on things. I thought it was a little weird. But together, we picked out the tile, colors, carpets, cabinets, counters. All of that stuff. And today, we got to go see the progress on our house. Looks like, we'll get to move sometime at the end of February or the beginning of March.

And to be honest, I'm both excited and scared. I'm excited because it's going to be our home. Together. Something we'll work on together. And enjoy together. But I'm also scared because it's so big!

Not only is it big. But it's expensive. Oh, and I'm not good at decorating and all of that. When I lived with my friends, I paid one of them to decorate my room. And when we moved into this house, my bestie came to help us put it together. I swear, she should be an interior designer!

But now, she is working on her and her guy's place. He had this HUGE house built for them. And she is just trying to get their house in order. So I don't want to bother her. Although, I know that she would come and help in a heartbeat.

So where do you begin? We're going to go look at bedroom furniture sometime this week. And T has all the electronics picked out. That's as far as we've gotten. We still have to pick paint colors and some of the finishing things for the actual house. Then the hard work starts for me. Making the house into our home. XOXO