Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Goals...

This inspired one of my goals for the year. To get into better shape. I mean, I'll never be Cameron Diaz. But I could lose some weight.

My bestie and I were talking, not long ago, about some yummy healthy recipes. She's going to school to be a nutritionist person and doctor. So she is really good with all this food and health stuff. I'm going to be relying on her a lot!

I'm also determined to also learn how to cook. I really need to. Oh, and I want to wear a 2 piece this year. Lots of goals. But I'm going to accomplish them. I'm going to go running with my bestie. And try to workout every day. I mean, what else do I do? Nothing really. It's so weird to not work. Maybe this will really be beneficial to me. :) XOXO