Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Guy!

A very special birthday going out to The Guy. Who happens to be one of my favorite people in the whole world! And he will also be Baby C's Godfather. Today is his birthday. Yes, on this very special day, 10-10-10. How cool is that?

And when I asked him, what he wanted for his birthday, what did he say? A cake? A new hunting thing? A car? No. He wanted Baby C to be born today. And for her to be healthy! How cool is that? Well, Guy, you might just get your wish. I'm pretty sure that Baby C is coming. Maybe be midnight!

Have a Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day. Enjoy it with my bestie. Don't worry about racing home tonight. You guys will get here, when you get here. Enjoy yourselves. What amazing friends you both are. But Guy, you've been incredible to me. One of the only people I could rely on. And you love me and my little girl so much. We can't forget how happy you make my bestie! Thank you! For all of those things, I hope all of your dreams come true! XOXO