Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whatta Man

I was like 9 when this song came out. My bestie would sing it all the time! And I thought she was so cool. When we got older and she had a boyfriend, she would joke around with him. She would sing part of the lyrics to him. Totally embarrass him. But every time they heard this song, they'd dance to it. Enzo used to laugh about it. And he thought she was hilarious. They were such a cute couple!

Me? I always wanted to find a man that would fit this song. I wanted a good man. A good man that loved me. A good family man. But a man. You know, that would take care of me. In every way. Someone that would tell me that he loved me. That would take the time to get to know me. Well, T is that man and so much more!

We were just hanging out the other night. And looking up old music on YouTube. I found this song, and it perfectly fits my hubby! T is everything I could have dreamt up. Yup!

I've finally got my mighty good man. And I'm loving every second of him! We are so in love. In every way, your typical Newlyweds. We're loving all of that too! This might just become my man's new song. :) XOXO